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Ministry of Finance released a total of K4.8 Billion for govt programmes for November, 2018



IN November, 2018, the Ministry of Finance released a total of K4.8 Billion [FOUR POINT EIGHT BILLION KWACHA] to finance public service operations and sustain service delivery. Of this amount, K943 million was funded to service both the domestic and external debt; K940 million went towards grants to various institutions; K1 billion was released to finance various government projects, programmes and general operations; and, K1.9 billion went towards the public service wage bill. The Treasury also released a total of K169.3 million [ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY NINE POINT THREE MILLION KWACHA] as Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in November 2018, to support various community-based projects in all constituencies.

This is according to statement released to the media by Ministry of Finance Spokesperson Chileshe Kandeta.

Commenting on November 2018 budget releases, Minister of Finance MARGARET MWANAKATWE says the reforms related to the removal of consumption subsidies and the austerity measures which the Government has implemented are now bearing fruit as seen by the timely releases of funds to productive sectors such as agriculture and to social sectors such as education, health, and public welfare.

She has called on Ministries, Provinces and Other Controlling Bodies to remain instrumental in actualizing President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s vision of developing the country without leaving anyone behind by ensuring that there is prudence in the management and utilization of public resources at all times.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe has also indicated that this is first time in long-time that the Treasury has not lagged behind in releasing resources for the Constituency Development Fund [CDF]. She added that as soon as the 2019 National Budget is approved, Members of Parliament, in collaboration with other stakeholders in their jurisdictions, will have an opportunity to focus on community initiatives using the released CDF resources.

Of the K4.8 billion total funding for November 2018, releases for capital expenditure totalled K422.9 million, of which K193.2 million was for payment towards continued works and completion of road projects across the country, K10.6 million went towards the Rural Electrification Programme, and K49.8 million for other capital expenditure programmes across the nation.

In order to continue reducing the country’s indebtedness and ensure fiscal sustainability as projected in the Economic Stabilisation and Growth Programme [ESGP] and the Medium Term Debt Strategy [MTDS], the Government released a sum of K942 million in November 2018 for payments towards both domestic and external debt obligations. This is a practice to which the Ministry remains committed.

With regard to support for agriculture development, the Treasury released a sum of K458.7 million [FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY EIGHT POINT SEVEN MILLION KWACHA] towards the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP). This is to cater for the speedy implementation of the FISP programme during the current 2018/2019 farming season, through both the e-Voucher and the direct redeeming programme windows.

For the purpose of clarity, the Ministry of Finance wishes to state that some of the funds from the K458.7 million were allocated to the process of dismantling outstanding bills under the FISP programme. The total amount released towards the FISP programme now stands at K1.74 billion [ONE POINT SEVEN FOUR BILLION KWACHA] from January 2018 to end November, 2018.

The Food Reserve Agency also received K50 million in November 2018 to liquidate some outstanding bills and to procure maize and other grains in accordance with state stipulations for strategic reserve requirements.

Further, a sum of K46.1 million was released to liquidate outstanding liabilities related to the consumption of goods and services by various line Ministries, Provinces and Spending Agencies. This brings the total amount released in 2018 for dismantling arrears to K379.3 million [THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY NINE POINT THREE MILLION KWACHA].

The Treasury further released K142 million to support the activities and operations of various central government institutions. Of this amount K50 million went towards the procurement of drugs and medical supplies in public health institutions. In addition, public grants for supporting the operations of various public institutions such as hospitals and other medical institutions amounted to K60.6 million, while universities and schools country-wide got K116.3 million.

In order to achieve the timely payment of November salaries for various public service workers, including teaching, medical and security personnel, the Government spent a total of K1.9 billion [ONE POINT NINE BILLION KWACHA] on the Public Service Wage Bill (Personal Emoluments).

The Zambia Revenue Authority received K66.2 million during the month under review to ensure that the strengthened domestic resource mobilisation drive remains on course. K89.9 million went towards supporting the operations of local authorities across the country through the Local Government Equalisation Fund (LGEF) and a further K180.5 million was released in November 2018 to support the operations of other public entities and quasi-governmental organisations.


Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) intercepts four trucks carrying assorted lotions worth over K1.7 million



ZRA Corporate Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda says the authority has seized 7, 030 x 50 Kg bags of maize, and 3,645 x 25 Kg of mealie meal which was smuggled in Chingola, Chipata, Chirundu, and Kasumbalesa.

And Sikalinda says the authority has also intercepted four (04) of assorted lotions worth over K1.7 million.

In a statement, Sikalinda said the consignments were declared at Chanida Border as cleaning materials by using an additional procedure code for Chipata General Hospital in order to enjoy an exemption from taxes.

He said alert ZRA officers intercepted the consignments in Katete and inspected the trucks.

Sikalinda said during the inspection, officers found that the trucks were loaded with assorted body lotions contrary to what was declared as cleaning materials for the hospital.

“Investigations have revealed that this is a pure case of smuggling through False Declaration, False Representation, Misclassifications, Document falsification and abuse of a Taxpayer Identification Number (TPIN) contrary to the customs and excise Act Cap 322 of the Laws of Zambia,” Sikalinda said.

Meanwhile, Sikalinda said ZRA has further seized 1044 x 50 Kgs of Maize Bran, and 261 x 20 litres of Cooking oil, and another 1,176 x 6 x 2 litres of cooking oil which was smuggled through various border points.

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UNZA Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr. Tamala Kambikambi appointed to the Board of the Zambia Qualifications Authority (ZAQA) for a period of three (3) years



HIGHER Education Minister Dr Brian Mushimba has appointed University of Zambia (UNZA) Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr Tamala Kambikambi as Board member of the Zambia Qualifications Authority (ZAQA) Management Board.

Dr Kambikambi will join a group of other distinguished and eminent Zambians to provide strategic direction to the qualifications authority as Board member.

In a letter of appointment, the minister stated that Dr Kambikambi will serve for a tenure period of three years in accordance with the provisions of the Zambia Qualifications Authority (ZAQA) Act number 201.

This is according to a statement issued by UNZA Acting Head of Public Relations Dr Brenda Bukowa.

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Liquid Telecom Zambia to sponsor the ICT award category at this year’s PUSH Women Awards



THE PUSH Women Network is pleased to announce that Liquid Telecom Zambia is a sponsor of the ICT award category at this year’s PUSH Women Awards. This is the second consecutive year that Liquid has supported The PUSH Women Network’s platform created to celebrate women who are defying the odds. Their continued support is testament of the company’s determination to rally behind the call for gender equity and equality as well as their resolve to support leading women who are achieving excellence in their respective fields.

Speaking when he met PUSH Executive Director Colonel Mwizukanji Namwawa and the Network Board Secretary Mutumu Nzala Mwape, Liquid Chief Executive Officer, Mark Townsend Said “Liquid Telecom is committed to elevating and highlighting women and more specifically the various roles they hold in the ICT sector. We are therefore proud to sponsor the ICT award at this year’s PUSH Women Awards because women in this field serve as role models for young girls who are considering a future in ICT and prove that women are capable of anything. Some of these women form key parts of Liquid Telecom Zambia’s operations, from Supply Chain Management to Enterprise and Legal to Customer Care. It is therefore a pleasure to be part of this progressive initiative.”

The PUSH Women Awards are the gold standard of award ceremonies in the country and showcase a premium class, signature styled event akin to no other. The PUSH Women Network is therefore pleased to have the support of corporate partners like Liquid Telecom Zambia in staging this occasion .

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