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Zambian phones targeted by Israeli made notorious spyware program that is sold only to governments



PEGASUS spyware which is often used against the opposition, journalists and human rights activists has been found in Zambia.

Pegasus is a notorious spyware program sold only to governments.

The malware, known as Pegasus, was created by Israeli cyber-security firm NSO and has been around for at least three years, when it was first detailed in a report over the summer of 2016.

In a report titled ‘Hide and Seek’ which was released on Monday, Citizen Lab — a Canada based internet watchdog — identified 45 countries in which infected devices have been traced, after scanning the internet for servers associated with Pegasus spyware. It also identified multiple instances of cross-border surveillance.

The researchers found suspected NSO Pegasus infections associated with 33 of the 36 Pegasus operators.

“We identified in 45 countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Cote d’Ivoire, Egypt, France, Greece, India, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Mexico, Morocco, the Netherlands, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Poland, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Thailand, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, the UAE, Uganda, the United Kingdom, the United States, Uzbekistan, Yemen, and Zambia. As our findings are based on country-level geolocation of DNS servers, factors such as VPNs and satellite Internet teleport locations can introduce inaccuracies.”

The data published by Citizen Lab reveals the existence of 36 different groups who deployed the Pegasus spyware against targets located in 45 countries, the surprising part is that this list includes the US, France, Canada, Switzerland, and the UK, countries known to have democratic governments in place.

Citizen Lab says ten of these 36 groups appear to be conducting surveillance in multiple countries and have not limited their spying inside their own country’s borders, an act that may violate surveillance laws active in the states where Pegasus victims may be located.

Source: ukdefencejournal




Teledoctor for Health professionals and Health institutions in Zambia



Teledoctor Zambia

Are you a DOCTOR or HEALTH PROFESSIONAL in Zambia? Do you own or run a HOSPITAL or CLINIC? Teledoctor is now listing and registering doctors & health professionals in Zambia for the online directory launching soon.

Teledoctor is an online hospital providing health care services for the Zambian community. Doctors, Health Professionals and Hospitals may sign up for the pre-launch and get notified when the service is going live on the 15th of May.

Health specialists can consult, prescribe, chat, talk and video conference with patients online. Several other features are available on the platform which we believe will help health care professionals during this time of crisis as the world suffers from the Covid-19 Pandemic. Reduce traffic and hospital visits for your patients using Teledoctor.

Sign up for Teledoctor as a doctor, specialist or hospital at ?? and the Teledoctor team will be in touch to get you registered and inform you when the service is going live. LIVE CHAT SUPPORT agents are available to assist you online.

Facebook: @teledoctorzambia
Phone: +26 097 417 4479

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Zambia Police Command orders WhatsApp group shutdown



THE Zambia Police Command has ordered its officers to shut down groups on the social messaging platform WhatsApp, to stop the continued abuse of social media by police officers who post articles and pictures intended to put the Zambia Police Service in disrepute, an official said on Tuesday.

The command has directed that all administrators of social media groupings must be closed with immediate effect and that failure to do so will attract severe disciplinary action.

And the command said the decision was necessitated by an observed continued abuse of social media by police officers who post articles and pictures intended to put the Zambia Police Service in disrepute.

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Zamtel lights up Lusaka night life with Zampay



CUSTOMERS at some of Lusaka’s most popular night spots can now experience the joy of not having to worry about making cash payments each time they go out as they are now able to settle their bills through ZamPay.

ZamPay which was launched last month by state owned telecommunications company Zamtel is the country’s first ever electronic payment service that uses Quick Response (QR) code.

Consumers simply scan the QR code displayed by the merchant with their phones to settle their bills.

Now pub goers to some of the city’s most popular joints will enjoy truly frictionless payments by using ZamPay without having to worry about securing their cash.

Premier hangouts such as Buzz Café at Crossroads Mall and Times Café located at Arcades Shopping Centre are some of the venues where patrons can now pay using ZamPay.

Others are Savannah Park near 10 Miles along the Great North Road and Marlin Express found at Arcades Shopping Centre.

Some more locations where party goers can use ZamPay include Another Mike’s Pub on Muramba road in Chilenje and Time & Pub around Kangwa area in Chilenje.

Commenting on the development, Zamtel Products Manager Comfort Nyondo-Mbulo said, “With ZamPay, we are transforming people’s lifestyles and we believe that the night economy is an integral part of the broader economy which also needs to embrace latest technologies.”

Mrs. Nyondo-Mbulo added, “What ZamPay brings to the table is a better customer experience through automation of the bill payment system. This significantly cuts down the waiting period for payment of the bill so that revelers can just focus on enjoying their time.”

She explained that the pub industry in Lusaka is becoming very vibrant hence the need to deploy latest technologies that promote convenient and safer payment options.

“We will continue signing up more merchants in the pubs and night club space in order to cater for our customer’s diverse tastes. We are confident that ZamPay will soon become a preferred payment platform for all party enthusiasts,” Mrs. Nyondo-Mbulo said.

The Pubs and Night spots have joined a growing list of merchants from leading chain stores Spar and Choppies to Pharmacies, Car Washes and Beauty Saloons that are now using ZamPay to handle payments from their customers.

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Meet the Farmes Summit 2020


03 Aug 2020, 11:29 AM (GMT)

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