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GBM confirms resigning from PF Government


MINISTER of Defence Geoffrey Mwamba has confirmed that he has resigned from the PF Government.

Mr Mwamba who is considered as one of the key figures in President Michael Sata’s Cabinet made the announcement at an impromptu Press conference at his residence in Kasama today citing the impasse between Government and the Bemba Royal Establishment as the reason behind his unexpected resignation.

Mr Mwamba told members of the Press that had gathered at his home that he had been given an ultimatum by the head of State to choose whether his allegiance lay with him as president or with Paramount Chief Chitimukulu designate Henry Sosala.

Below is the statement post on Mr Mwamba social media page of facebook.

Dear Friends,

I know you have waited for my position following the developments of yesterday and today. I wish
to confirm that the uproar following my visit to the Chitimukulu Designate’s Residence Henry Sosala
Kanyanta-Manga is most unfortunate. I have not commented on the stand-off between Government
and the Bemba Royal Establishment because I declared interest in the matter, from inception.

But this did not preclude me from visiting my family members, including the Chitimukulu
Designate. As GBM, I refuse to allow political differences to separate me from who I am- a loyal
member of the Bemba Royal Establishment and a free citizen of Zambia.

I was born a Mwamba and politics is something I joined along the way. I am and will always be a
servant of the people. But each time I am called Mwamba, inside me something does not just
acknowledge this as a historical truth about my identity; most importantly, it speaks to my whole
being as a Mwamba who belongs to the Bemba Royal Establishment, Mwamba the Zambian, Mwamba the African and Mwamba, a Citizen of the World.

This also means that before I am anything to anyone else, I have family obligations, such as
meeting with family members, which I cannot disown under any given circumstances.

There comes a time in the life of a man when tough and principled decisions have to be made.
This is that decision.

I wish to confirm my resignation as Defense Minister from President Michael Sata’s Government with immediate effect.

I thank him for the opportunity he gave me to serve the people of Zambia in this capacity.

God bless Zambia

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