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Kabimba takes a swipe at Nevers, MMD


PATRIOTIC Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba has described as sugarcoated claims by MMD leader Nevers Mumba that the MMD has repented by paying lip service to true repentance and reformation.

Mr Kabimba said the claim does little to stop the wear-and-tear that the former ruling MMD was going through adding that such statements would not dupe Zambians.

He said in a statement made available to Mwebantu New Media issued by PF media and publicity director Chanda Mfula that Dr Mumba, a former vice president and high commissioner to Canada in the MMD regime, wanted the nation to believe that he stands opposed to the corruption that has formed the backbone of the MMD’s character over the years.

“It is a show of double standards for Dr Mumba to condemn, yet still condone corruption, just because that is what is expedient for his survival as MMD leader. It is clear from his statements that Dr Mumba has launched a spirited attack on the fight against corruption.

Yet at the same time he is issuing unwarranted attacks aimed at undermining President Sata and the PF government’s efforts to fight this same corruption,” Mr Kabimba said.

The secretary general said PF found strange the proclamation by the MMD leader that those who would be convicted of corruption by the Courts would be asked to resign from their leadership positions in the MMD.

Mr Kabimba said Dr Mumba issuing such statements when he was in the forefront of attacking, undermining, and scandalizing the legal process that was meant to clear or convict those facing these corruption charges.

“Even stranger is the fact that Dr Mumba has failed to state whether he himself would step down if convicted of corruption.

In fact if the MMD is genuine in their so-called rebranding exercise, they should go beyond screening their leadership on the basis of convictions or legal processes alone, and ascribe to standards built on humility, morality and integrity because it is the lack of such standards that has led Pastor Mumba to unnecessarily malign and discredit the government and President Sata, to the extent of raising false alarm that the government was persecuting and harassing the opposition,” he said.

Mr Kabimba said the PF has seen through the scheme by the MMD and its leadership to hoodwink Zambians.

“Corruption will remain part of the MMD DNA if Dr Mumba and the MMD leadership do not liberate themselves from this bondage of self-deceit and hypocrisy. If true reformation were to take root in the MMD, not even Dr Mumba would be fit to lead the former ruling party.

He said corruption in the MMD was tied to the acts of certain individuals in its current and former leadership, some of whom Dr Mumba has been eulogizing.

He challenged Dr Mumba to reconcile his anti-corruption and repentance claims with his continued association, within his ranks, with people whose characters are blighted by corruption and mischief.

“The state of the Zambian economy today, the dilapidation of social services in areas of health and education, poverty and misery of the Zambians and the high levels of unemployment of among the youth and women of Zambia are all problems created by the MMD during its 20-year tenure.

Therefore, the MMD cannot hope that Zambians forget these misdeeds by merely rebranding itself under the same leadership which has caused them such misery,” Mr Kabimba said.

(Source: Mwebantu New Media)


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