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Zambia and the United Nations System Sign ZMK 100 billion development programme


The Government of the Republic of Zambia and UNDP has  two agreements of ZMK 100 billion (US$ 20miilion)  towards the implementation of programmes to mitigate against gender based violence and the promotion of human rights, dignity of individual citizens and inclusive governance.   The support is contained in two separate but interlinked programmes; (i) The Government of the Republic of Zambia-United Nations Joint Programme on Gender Based Violence with a budget of US$ 15.570 million and (ii) the Government of the Republic of Zambia-United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Governance Programme (2011-2015) with a budget of US$7.2 million. The Joint Programme against Gender Based is jointly funded by the United Nations system and the other cooperating partners while the Governance Programme is funded by UNDP together with bilateral cooperating partners.

The UN Gender Based Violence Programme, which involves UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, ILO, WHO, UNHCR and IOM, aims at contributing to the reduction of gender based violence in Zambia through the establishment of an integrated and multi-sectoral mechanism for the implementation of the Anti- Gender Based Violence Act.  The initiative will support the establishment of appropriate justice/legal systems to implement the Anti-Gender Based Violence Act; scaling up of social protection systems for prevention of gender based violence; and establishment of an effective coordination mechanism for an integrated gender based violence response.

The Governance Programme is expected to contribute towards drafting a people-driven constitution and its implementation; deepening capacities in public institutions for quality service delivery; modernisation and transformation of management practices and accountability systems as part of fostering increased productivity  and responsiveness;  and  broadening public participation in national development processes.

Signing on behalf of the Government, the Secretary to the Treasury Dr. Fred Yamba, thanked UNDP and the United Nations System for the support and looked forward to the implementation of these critical programmes for Zambia. The UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Representative, Kanni Wignaraja noted that; “the two programmes were based on core national priorities and embrace the orientation of the new Government’s human development agenda. A rights-based approach to development, which includes the promotion of gender equality at all levels, is central to these efforts”, she said. The two programmes are a practical step in the implementation of UN reforms on Delivering as One UN in Zambia.


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