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Police yet to charge youths found with Ruth Mbandu’s phone


POLICE have still not charged the two youths who were nabbed in Lusaka’s Kanyama Township on Wednesday for being in possession of slain NIPA student Ruth Mbandu’s mobile phone.

Lusaka Province commanding officer Solomon Jere said police were still solidifying their case and gathering evidence before they could formally charge the two youths.

Dr Jere said the two are currently in Police custody to assist the police with investigations surrounding the gruesome murder of Mbandu 19 on July 13.

“We are not rushing this case that is the reason we have not yet charged the two people we apprehended on Wednesday. This is because we want to ensure that we have concrete evidence before charging them as that will help us case when we present it before the courts,” he said.

A total of five people are now being held in connection with the murder Mbandu whose body was found with her facial skin peeled, ears cut off and eyes gouged out in a suspected ritual killing.

Meanwhile, Brenda Kalomo, mother to George Kalomo, one of the key suspects in the murder of Mbandu, has expressed concern over the whereabouts of her son whom she said she last visited last Friday at Emmasdale police station.

Mrs Kalomo said in an interview that the last time she saw her son was last Friday at Emmasdale Police station where he was being held. This she said was when she had taken him his meals which she apparently had not been able to give him as the meals were being returned to her untouched.

“I have not seen my son since Friday but now I am being told that he is not there, so I just want to know where my son is because we are worried now. The police should allow me to see my son, George,” she said.

However, Dr Jere advised Mrs Kalomo to contact his office on the whereabouts of her son. Dr Jere said that the suspects had been separated and were held at different locations as is standard procedure in the investigations.

Kalomo, Ruth’s uncle is facing murder charges along with Archbishop Evans Ngulube and his driver Stanley Munkonji.


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