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Mampi, Runell rock East Point


SHE may have failed to conquer the continent in the Big Brother Stargame, but at home she remains a top drawer musician with a pulling force that must certainly be the envy of her competitors, and even admirers.
But that later. First Runell!

Yes, both Mampi and Runnel were the main attraction at Lusaka’s East Point, and boy, did they not rock the house. Long before Mampi took to the stage, Runnel kept the audience entertained with his two dancing queens proving a big hit with the audience.

Not shocking, just like Runnel’s album No Limits, there is no limit to what his dancing queens can do on stage. And it is that approach that seems to go down well with the revellers. Make no mistake though, it is not just the dancing queens that sell Runnel’s shows, he has re-branded himself since the days of Shibukombe no Pulani and Osadabwa.

Although those songs were fairly successful, it is difficult to sustain them, the reason why his decision to go more mellow was good. His second album Fu Tank was just that, helping him to gain a much larger following, thanks to the catchy and mid-tempo songs.

Now he has such tracks as Panado, Ndakumising’a, Walishuka and Why Nimvela So, among others. Is anyone complaining? Perhaps only a few, yet he does not end there. As a performer, he is good to watch. There was a time when he was under the shadow of Danny, accompanying the Kaya man on his countrywide tours as both a backing vocalist and support act.

But those days are long-gone, and now the man born Runell Tarcissius Chikopela is his own man. His fans love it. At East Point, his chemistry with his dancers was admirable. They seem to know his every move. Oh, and his movement on stage was equally good. If it was not for the fact that Mampi was also lined up, he would have had difficulties leaving that stage – the fans would not have allowed him.
He did, however, allow Mampi enough time to do her part as well.

Mampi first jumped on stage in her formal outfit and did about three songs before announcing to the audience that she was going to change. When she came back, it was a different atmosphere – doing everything that makes up Mampi.

Although not to the same extent as Runnell’s queens, her dancers were equally daring in their performance. Add that to the equally daring Mampi lyrics, and you get a show that every Mampi fan would be proud of.
Judy Yo was certainly proud of Mampi’s performance!

(Source: Zambia Daily Mail)

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