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Show Society’s decision to bring in Fally disappoints ZAM


THE Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) is disappointed with the decision by the organisers of the Zambia Agricultural Show Society to bring Congolese musician Fally Ipupa to perform this year.

ZAM president Maiko Zulu said it was not necessary to bring in international artistes to entertainment Zambians and only allow local artistes to be curtains raisers when they equally need the money.

“It is shameful that the corporate world does not recognise and appreciate local talent so how are we going convince other people across the borders to buy our music? The onus to promote local artistes is on everybody including the corporate world; this they need to realise this,” Zulu said.

He said he does not understand the reason organisers prefer to hire an international artiste to come and perform when there are many talented musicians who can equally perform and are crowd pullers.

Zulu said it was about time the Zambian corporate world realised that musicians are in business and need to be supported by hiring them as a means of marketing their music.

“It does not make sense to us that they decided to bring in someone from Congo to come and entertain show goers. How much has been spent on hiring Fally Ipupa and how much money have they paid him? A lot of money obviously.

That money could have gone a long way in the life of a local musician. We are the ones to promote and market our musicians and the music. We need to start now,” he said.

And a local music label has also added its voice to calls for the corporate world to promote local artistes by hiring them to perform at big events as a way of marketing their business.

According to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity, he said Zambians are now appreciating their local produced music and are willing to pay to watch local artistes.

He said standards for both the music and the videos has equally improved all the years to meet international standards and that was the reason most Zambian artistes like JK were being invited to perform in other countries.

“These tendencies by some ‘non-patriotic Zambians’  are still frustrating the efforts  of  the music industry and  local labels because artists are being under paid and ignored by these same corporate organisations.

The show is the biggest and prestigious trade event and its obvious music lovers would want to watch live and meet their favourite local musicians. Now what happens is that only a few artistes are picked due to budget constrains yet they have money to pay foreign musicians,” he said.

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