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K 25.3 million bounty placed for the capture of Ruth Mbandu’s killers


The reward for people with information leading to the arrest of the killers of Ruth Mbandu has risen to K25.3 million, Matero member of Parliament Miles Sampa on Tuesday staked K15 million as a reward but yesterday, more people upped it to K25.3 million. Mr Sampa said in an interview in Lusaka that he has received some pledges and offers since his decision to put K15 million on the heads of the suspects.

He said Mr Enos Karima of Lusaka West has offered K300,000 while K5 million has been pledged by some unidentified Lusaka residents. “The Inspector General of police [Stella Libongani] also called and assured me that they are on the ground and will not rest until they bring the culprits to book. I want to urge everyone that any contribution is significant and worthwhile,” Mr Sampa said. Lusaka businessman and Emmasdale resident Dodia Wazambi has also contributed K5 million.

Mr Wazambi said the contribution is intended to support the initiative by Mr Sampa to help intensify efforts to capture the culprits. “We want to support the MP. Our objective as Emmasdale residents is to get together and fight crime. This incident happened right in our neighbourhood and it has caused pain. We would like to urge residents to strengthen the Emmasdale neighbourhood watch to enhance security,” he said.

(Source: Zambia Daily Mail)

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