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Forget reconciliation, I want a divorce; woman tells court

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A  LUSAKA woman insisted to the Lusaka Boma Court that under no circumstance was she returning to her abusive husband of 10 years.

Carol Nonde of John Laing told senior court magistrates Elifa Mwewa and Abbyshine Michelo that she has had about enough physical and mental abuse from her husband Michael Banda to last her a life time.

This was in a case in which Nonde was sued by Banda 39 of John Laing Township for reconciliation. The two who got married in 2002 have three children together. However, they have been on separation since January 2012.

Nonde told the court that she would rather be single for the rest of her life than remain in a marriage with Banda who has made a habit of physically, verbally and emotionally abusing her for his ‘pleasure’.

“I refuse to be reconciled to this man Banda because I cannot take the abuse any longer. I have had about enough of him. He beats me for fun, he insults me and my family including my parents whom he has almost beaten before by pushing my mother during an argument and he does not respect me as his wife,” she said.

She said Banda was also in the habit of threatening to leave her for his first wife each time they engage in a disagreement.

Nonde said she has tried to leave him before but he always pretends to want her back only to continue abusing her.

“There is no need for reconciliation because I am not going back to him. I just want a divorce. He will eventually kill me one day.  I would rather be on my own, let him also go back to his first wife,” she said.

But his statement, Banda said he still loves Nonde and was hoping that they would be reconciled even though she has deserted him on several occasions when he fell sick.

He also said Nonde was in the habit of going to bed fully dressed so that Banda does not try to touch her.

“I have tried to get her back because I love her and she is the mother of my children but all efforts have failed. There is nothing more I can do,” he said.

Passing judgment, the court turned the reconciliation claim into divorce stating it would not be fair to force Nonde to return to a marriage which was clearly turbulent, violent and devoid of love as well as trust because the union of marriage was voluntary.

Banda was ordered to pay K2million as compensation in monthly installments of K100, 000 starting August monthend. He is to maintain his children by paying K250, 000 monthly starting July monthend.

The court also ordered that property acquired together be shared equally.

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