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UN happy with the growth of democracy in Africa


THE United Nations (UN) says it is impressed with the growth of democracy in Africa and free press many nations are enjoying and giving its citizen a chance to vote in decades. Deputy UN Secretary –General Jan Eliasson said Africa is now a home of thriving democracies, where elections are peaceful and the press is free.

“The voices of the people are heard and respected all over the continent. What Africa needs next is a global solidarity to create jobs, generate growth and stop preventable deaths,” he said.

Mr Eliasson said the UN is a close partner not only in advocacy but in action. Mr Eliasson was speaking during the official opening of the 19th ordinary session of the assembly of Head of States and government in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Mr Eliasson said the UN was looking ahead to the September General Assembly high level meeting on the rule of law. “This is a chance for the Africa Union to show how delivering justice is critical to peace, security and development on the continent, not least in post-conflict situations,” he said.

Mr Eliasson said the UN is and will be fully engaged in solving conflicts in Africa and food crisis that still persists. He said for Somalia, the UN is seeing prospects for a peaceful future and commended the extra-ordinary contributions and sacrifices of the Au.

The UN deputy secretary-general said the UN was committed to work with the AU to help Guinea-Bissau to resolve the crisis and ensure an immediate return to constitutional rule. He said the UN was also working with the AU in addressing piracy in the gulf of guinea because attacks and armed robberies at sea are a threat to the region.

On Sudan, Mr Eliasson said the UN has been working in partnership for many years despite hundreds of people in grave need of assistance. He welcomed the resumption of talks under the AU high-level implementation panel to find a solution to the conflict in Sudan.

In Mali, Mr Eliasson said the AU, Ecowas and the UN must continue working together as well as with the transitional government to restore territorial integrity and human security.

He said in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), countries of the region should respect non-interference and work together to resolve the crisis as soon as possible.

He however said many nations are showing strong economic gains, putting millions more children in school, or reaching targets to stop the needless death of mothers and children. Mr Eliasson said the UN and world has witnessed how African states are harnessing the power of technology to help pregnant women. He said many African nations experience growing per capital nationals incomes.


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