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MMD in Lusaka Province against expulsion of 9 MPs in government


The opposition MMD in Lusaka province has joined calls for the party leadership to rescind its decision to expel the nine (9) Members of Parliament serving in the Patriotic Front (PF) government.

The party says expelling the nine MPs is not a solution to the issue at hand but that the leadership should instead engage President Michael Sata to dialogue over the appointments.

MMD Lusaka province Information and Publicity Secretary Austin Bota told ZANIS in Lusaka last evening that the party in the province is concerned with the threats of expulsions by party president Nevers Mumba.

Mr. Bota said the expulsions will affect the party in terms of numbers in parliament as there is no guarantee that the MMD will retain all the nine seats in an event that there are by-elections.

“It is not possible that our party will win all the nine seats if we go for by-elections, we lost Chongwe and recently Chama North, it will be another minus from our numbers in parliament,” said Mr. Bota.

He appealed to party president Nevers Mumba to use the process of consultation with the government as a means of harmonising the issue of MMD Members of Parliament being appointed to serve as deputy ministers in the government.

MMD president Nevers Mumba on Friday announced at a press briefing that his Members of Parliament serving in government should resign from their positions or risk being expelled from the party.

But the MMD Lusaka Province Information and Publicity secretary pleaded that the party president should seek dialogue over the matter as the party stands to lose if the nine Members of Parliament are expelled.

He noted that the appointment of opposition members of parliament by President Michael Sata to serve as deputy ministers is backed by the constitution and that it is not new.

“The MMD has done this before starting with President Levy Mwanawasa, then President Rupiah Banda, him it was even at the level of a Cabinet Minister with Mkhondo Lungu, so it is not new”, said Mr. Banda-ZANIS

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