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Boy 17 charged for impregnating girl aged 15

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A 17- year -old boy of Lusaka’s Chazanga compound was charged by the Lusaka local court for eloping and impregnating a 15 –years- old Emeldah Chimutashe.

Facts before resident Magistrate Regina Mwamba are that Geoffrey Jere on date’s unknown stole Emeldah and stayed with her for many months. Narrating to the court Joseph Chimutashe the father to Emeldah who sue Geoffrey for eloping said that Geoffrey has a habit of eloping with his daughter.

He complained that no matter how much he tries to bring the daughter back Geoffrey will always come back to get her. Chimutashe explained that his daughter who is in grade seven has since stopped school as she is now pregnant.

“I do not know what to do because my daughter has since stopped school and she is pregnant for this boy who does not do anything,” Chimutashe said.

He told the court that he wants to be compensated a 10 million kwacha by Geoffrey because he has shuttered the dreams and future of his daughter. Chimutashe said Geoffrey has shuttered the future of his daughter as she is no longer in school and is pregnant. “My daughter is very young and I can not marry her off at this age, this is a shame, I only need to be compensated,” Chimutashe said.

And in his statement Geoffrey agreed that he stole Emeldah and impregnated her and that he wants to marry her. Geoffrey said he loves Emeldah and would want to be together in marriage. And in judgment Magistrate Mwamba was speechless and wondered what is going on in this world.

She ordered Geoffrey to pay a five million kwacha to be paid in installments. “You are to pay Chimutashe an amount of 300 thousand kwacha every month,” Magistrate Mwamba told Geoffrey. She said she did not care whether Geoffrey works or not because if he knew he did not have money he wouldn’t have stolen and impregnated Emeldah.

She urged that young people should wait for their time and stop rushing in things they can not manage. Magistrate Mwamba said that Geoffrey can not marry Emeldah because they are both young and can not manage to be in marriage. “Emeldah is very young and truly she can not be married at this age, wait until she delivers the child and then take her back to school,” Magistrate Mwamba urged Chimutashe.


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