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Mutomboko Traditional Ceremony preparations reach advanced stage


The Mutomboko Traditional Ceremony Organization Committee (MTCOC) has disclosed that the preparations for this month end’s traditional ceremony have reached an advanced stage.

MTCOC Vice Chairperson Mubanga Kamangala told ZANIS that all was set for the ceremony as the Committee was just making final touches.

He said the Vice Republican President Guy Scot will be the Guest of honour at this year’s ceremony.

He added that the Ceremony will start on Friday at Mpembwe which was a spot outside Mwansabombwe saying it will end on Saturday during which it will take the whole day.

He explained that the procession will as usual culminate into the royal war dance victory by the Mwata himself at the main arena.

He said the ceremony is held on a Friday and Saturday of the last week of July every year and this year that Saturday falls on 28th July though the visit to the Mpendwe will be done on Friday because it was a precursor to the main event on Saturday.

He said Katanga Governor Moses Katumbi was usually a regular presence at the Mutomboko traditional ceremony because he was a subject of the Mwata as he was a Lunda from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

He said the Mwata has seven Chiefs in Zambia and eight chiefs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo who were reporting to him on traditional matters that needed his guidance.

He said even the land mass under Mwata’s traditional influence and control was larger in the Congo where he has more chiefs compared to Zambia where he had a lesser number of chiefs under his Lunda empire.

And Acting Luapula Province Cultural Affairs Officer Chola Kanonka disclosed that Government had already released its usual grant for the ceremony to assist in preparations though more well wishers needed to play a part to make the ceremony colourful and successful-ZANIS

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