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J.Whyson back for 2012


ZAMBIA’S local self-acclaimed king of Kizomba music James Whyson popularly known as J.Whyson is back for 2012 with his latest project titled ‘This is it! to be released in November this year’

The ‘Ona mami’ artist who is currently in the United States of America said he has been working on the album and videos with different Kizomba and Zouk Music artistes from France, Portugal, Cape Verde U.S and Poland.

J.Whyson said in an interview from the US that the album, a dual disc package, contains one disc for the Zambian audience and another for the Portuguese and Spanish audience.

“I agreed to do this after finding a lot of my music on Portuguese and Spanish mixes here in the U.S.A. and in Brazil. So rather than getting upset because that is obvious piracy I did a simple research and discovered a whole new market that is hungry for my style of music in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries,” he said.

J.Whyson said he worked with some of best producers in Kizomba/ Zouk music including Arkadiusz Zabost popularly known as Areck Crashu from Poland.

Other includes DJ-Oda Semedo from Cape Verde, popularly known for Taraxinha, Zouk, Konmpa and Kizomba Producer and a Portuguese producer known as Willy Semedo- a popular artist in South America and most Portuguese speaking countries.

J.Whyson said he has also worked with a Zambian born but American raised ‘Dwani’ who has been signed up by Def Jam Records. He said he has also worked with Tevi Lawson, a French Zouk artist from Togo.

“I am taking a lot of sweet melodies from different Kizomba and Zouk geniuses on my new album ‘This is it. With this new project I am setting a new tone for myself and those who will come after me,” he said.

He said he has managed to break into a new circle and was optimistic that his influence in his area of music was making a huge difference because it was assisting in moving Zambian Kizomba forward.

His two singles ‘Nakuyewa’ and ‘Mambala’ are currently enjoying massive airplay from various radio stations.

“I want thank the media, my fans and ardent lovers of Kizomba music in Zambia and urge them to continue supporting me. I will not let them down,” he said.


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