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114 Zambians to be flown into the country on Friday, as 27 opt to remain in Ukraine



MINISTER of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Stanley Kakubo has assured the nation that 114 Zambians leaving Ukraine will be flown into the country by Friday this week.

And the Minister has disclosed that out of 141 Zambians, 27 have opted to remain in Ukraine having integrated in that country’s society over a number of years.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday when he gave a ministerial statement, Mr Kakubo said currently government has evacuated safely out of Ukraine 80 Zambians who are accommodated in a conducive facility in Warsaw where they have been provided with food, and other necessities.

“Our students were being facilitated mainly out of lviv, where a bus organised by the Zambian government would take them to the polish border at Hrebenne. all our nationals have been facilitated through the border formalities before being taken to join their colleagues in Warsaw, Poland,”he said.

Mr Kakubo said a few students have also self-evacuated through other countries including Hungary and Romania.

“Our staff have safely guided one student from Hungary to Poland while the other has communicated that he is safe and is joining a relative who lives in Hungary.
there are 5 of our nationals who opted not to register for evacuation and have found their way into Romania,” Mr Kakubo said.

He explained that Zambians yet to be evacuated, are one who is in lviv, and has been guided to board a train directly to Warsaw while three are in Kharkiv.

Mr Kakubo said arrangements remain in place to facilitate their evacuation.

He said 14 nationals are in transit from different parts of Ukraine towards the border and efforts are ongoing to facilitate their evacuation.

“We have, madame speaker, 14 of our students that are in the city of Sumy, located on the western side of Ukraine, very close to the Russian border. unfortunately, they have been unable to leave the city because throughout this period, Sumy has been one of the most risky areas security wise, with extremely restricted movements in the area,” he said

The Minister said government continues to engage the government of the Russian Federation, to request their assistance to facilitate the safe passage of Zambians through Russia.

He adds that the Zambian staff in Moscow have ascertained that all the 14 students are well and are being provided with the enough food and water.

He further said the situation in Ukraine has been difficult and complex and throughout the exercise.

“We have been faced with various challenges including the following: our nationals, opting not to use government organised transport, and as such having to be dropped off 20 kilometers from the border, there are multiple security checkpoints that all people fleeing Ukraine have to get through be fore reaching the border,” he said.

He has assured the country that government will continue to work tirelessly, to ensure that Zambians are evacuated and brought safely back home.

(Mwebantu, Thursday, March, 3rd, 2022)


Zambia and Malawi exchange prisoners as way of promoting security and bilateral relations



THIRTY-ONE inmates from Malawi who were serving their sentences in Zambia have been transferred to Malawi Correctional  Facilities while nine Zambian prisoners have returned home.

The Malawi Prisons Service and the Zambia Correctional Service exchanged inmates as one way of allowing them to complete their sentences in their home country.

Malawi Prisons Service Commissioner  responsible for operations, Masauko Wiscot, said the exchange of inmates will reduce reoffending and subsequent overcrowding of prisons in both countries.

“The exchange will also foster inmates’ participation in the socioeconomic development in their respective countries,” he said.

He further said Malawi and Zambia signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enable the two countries to exchange inmates as one way of promoting security and bilateral relations.

(Picture by MBC)

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UN adopts Resolution led by Zambia, Canada on Ending Child, Early and Forced Marriage



THE United Nations General Assembly Third Committee has adopted a Resolution led by Zambia and Canada on Ending Child, Early and Forced Marriage.

The Resolution, that was co-sponsored by 125 members in the Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural), urges Member States to address root causes of gender inequality and violence, and tackles poverty and other root causes of early and forced marriage.

The Resolution was adopted by consensus.

Delivering a statement on the adoption of the Resolution, Permanent Representative of Zambia to the United Nations, His Excellency Dr Chola Milambo, said child, early and forced marriage jeopardizes the education, health, wellbeing and the future of millions of children around the world.

“It keeps too many girls and young women from reaching their full potential and hinders the development of communities and countries,” the Ambassador said.

He said globally, progress has been made to reduce the prevalence of child marriage, and 25 million girls have avoided child marriage over the last decade.

“But progress has been uneven, between and within countries, and unless we make efforts to accelerate change, the impact of COVID-19 could push the target 5.3 even further away, by putting 10 million additional girls at risk of child marriage over the next decade. This is extremely concerning,” said Dr Milambo.

This is according to a press statement idsued by Namatama Njekwa, First Secretary for Press and Public Relations at the Permanent Mission of Zambia to the United Nation.

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Zambian student dies fighting in Ukraine War



A ZAMBIAN man fighting alongside Russian soldiers against Ukraine has died, becoming the country’s first confirmed casualty in the war, Hon. Stanley K. Kakubo, Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation has revealed in Lusaka, Monday, 14 Nov.2022.

In April 2020, Mr Nyirenda contravened the laws of the Russian Federation and as such, he was convicted and sentenced to nine years and six months imprisonment.

However, it has been established that while serving his prison term,  Mr Nyirenda was allegedly recruited to fight in Ukraine.

Mr Kakubo said Mr Nyirenda’s remains have been transported to the Russian border town of Rostov in readiness for repatriation to Zambia.

He said deceased was a government sponsored student, who was pursuing nuclear engineering at the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute in the Russian Federation.

“The Ministry is saddened to inform the nation that, on 9th November, 2022, it was notified of the demise of Mr Nyirenda, at the battlefront of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Through the embassy of the Republic of Zambia in Moscow, the Ministry immediately proceeded to verify this information where it was established that Mr Nyirenda indeed passed away on 22nd September, 2022, in Ukraine.

The Embassy further established that Mr Nyirenda’s remains have since been transported to the Russian border town of Rostov in readiness for repatriation to Zambia, ” he said.

The Minister said in April 2020, Mr Nyirenda contravened the laws of the Russian Federation and as such, was subsequently convicted and sentenced to nine years and six months imprisonment.

He said Mr Nyirenda was serving his sentence at Tyer Medium security prison on the outskirts of Moscow.

“In view of this very sad development, the Zambian government has requested the Russian authorities to urgently provide information on the circumstances under which a Zambian citizen, serving a prison sentence in Moscow, could have been recruited to fight in Ukraine and subsequently lose his life,” he said.

Mr Kakubo said his Ministry is deeply saddened by the untimely demise of Mr Nyirenda under such circumstances and commiserates with the family on their loss.

“As Minister, i have been personally in touch, and will maintain contact, with the family of the deceased in order to provide an update on more details surrounding their loved one’s death, once official communication is received from the Russian authorities,” he said.

(Mwebantu, Monday, 14th November, 2022)

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