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“I am Sorry”, Lottie Phiri Tells Mary Magambo


LOTTIE PHIRI, the Zesco United midfielder whose love affair with ZNBC newscaster Mary Magambo went from all rosy to sour has apologised for exploding on social media where he literary called his ex-lover a “gold digger”.

Zambia Reports, however, has been informed that Lottie’s apology is as a result of threats and pressure from some Patriotic Front government officials who are currently dating the ZNBC employee.

Lottie’s rantings on his facebook page went viral across online newspapers in Zambia on Saturday night attracting massive discourse both on and off the wire about Magambo’s lifestyle.

In his facebook posting which was accompanied by a private but salacious picture of Magambo, Lottie accused the newscaster of enjoying a string of relationship with footballers, ministers, musicians and bus drivers.

He said; “Let me expose this Mary magambo from ZNBC. She came in my life a year ago and ask[ed] me to marry her. She has two kids, boyfriends, ministers, musicians, businessmen, football[er]s,bus drivers,etc.”

Barely 48 hours following the outburts, Lottie allegedly succumbed to pressure from Magambo’s sympathisers who wanted to press harassment charges against him. A group of PF women were promised that their complaint will receive urgent attention to punish the player for exposing their own.

Lottie’s contract at Zesco United, a quasi government institution, was due to be terminated this week if he didn’t apologise and he later albeit reluctantly claimed his statement was made out of emotions.

“I apologize to Mary Magambo and [the] nation for my statement caused by temper. I retracted [retract] my statement. She is free to live her life. Sorry to all relatives and friends on both parts that got affected. One love Zambia,” a half-hearted apology by the former Mphumalanga Black Aces currently featuring for Zesco United reads.

It is unclear whether Magambo will pursue earlier intentions of defamation against Lottie.

Source: Zambia Reports

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