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A Lusaka based Bishop has been arrested in connection with grisly murder of Ruth Mbandu


A Bishop from a named church in Lusaka has also been apprehended for questioning by police in connection with the brutal murder of Ruth Mbandu.

This brings the number of people nabbed in connection to the grisly murder to three.

Police say they have yet again made in roads in the on going investigations of the brutal murder of Ruth Mbandu the 19-year-old National Institute for Public Administration (NIPA) student who was killed on Friday last week.

Police say they have closed in on other people suspected to have played a role in the atrocious act.

Lusaka Province Commissioner of Police, Solomon Jere, said in an interview  that more suspects were expected to be netted.

Dr Jere was positive that more would be cornered as his officers had gone full throttle to bring the culprits to book.

“ We are progressing on very firm ground in this case,” he said.

On wednesday, police disclosed that two people were picked up and detained in connection with Ruth’s
murder but could not give their identities.

However, reliable police sources revealed that one of the two suspects was an uncle to the victim.

Ruth’s body was discovered on Saturday morning in Lusaka’s Emmasdale area about three houses away from her home with eyes poked out and her facial skin peeled off in what has been suspected to be a ritual killing.


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