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Two arrested in connection with the brutal murder of NIPA student Ruth Mbandu


Two people have been arrested in connection with the brutal murder of Ruth Mbandu, a 19-year old National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) student on Friday evening last week.

Police Service deputy spokesperson Rea Hamoonga confirmed the development to Mwebantu New Media today (18/07/2012) but could not give the identity of the two people who had been arrested. “We have apprehended two suspects to help in the investigations,” he said.

Lusaka Province Police chief Solomon on Sunday said police were closing in on the suspected killers and that they had strong links which they had based their investigations on.

“We are closing in, we have got some strong links which police are following,” he said.

Ruth’s blemished body was found in the early hours of Saturday in Emmasdale residential area a few metres away from her mother’s home.

Ruth’s body had her facial skin and eyes removed in what police suspect to be a ritual murder.


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